Put Your Love in Giving

Put Your Love in Giving:

Be a hand that gives not receives. When you give, give with love and care. Charity begins at home but it goes long way. Giving is great no matter how you give but the pleasure you receive and the reward you get is unbelievable and never ending when you add your love and care into it. Don’t feel compulsion to give to others who are not so fortunate as you and your children are – be passionate and humble and find the opportunity to give, to give with love and care. Abr-e-Karam is providing a platform for you come forward and do your part – with love.


Serve others for the best in both worlds

We believe that this life is a gift from Allah and a big responsibility. Life in this world is for a specific period and then comes the time when we have to say goodbye to this world and go in front of the Lord and be accountable for every action we had done in the duniya. At that point in time, only good deeds of human beings can help them. The point is that if we serve humanity, it does not only make us feel good and productive in this temporary world rather it will certainly benefit us in the hereafter, if Allah wills.


Don’t have time for Social work?

Each one of us has an in-built desire to provide helping hands to those in need. While some of us “practically” can, most are not in the position to do so, owing to the time constraints and other priorities. And this is the point where ABR-E-KARAM helps you.



Student (monthly) Rs. 1500/US$15
Student (annually) Rs. 15000/US$150
Desk Rs. 2500/US$25
Computer Rs. 15000/US$150
Books (Library) New/used/old books (primary level)
Student Package(Course books, notebooks, stationery, uniform) Rs. 2500/US$25


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