Give To “Abr-e-Karam” Trust

Why Give to Abr-e-Karam?

Abr-e-Karam Education & Welfare Trust is unique in many ways. This is perhaps one of the very few organizations that aims solely to serve people living in villages and rural areas where no one seems interested to pay attention. It is a multi-dimensional organization to encompass services that are needed by the people of villages such as schools and education supplies, hospitals and health care, scholarships and bursaries, safety and first response training; and emergency ambulance & patient transfer services – all FREE of cost for poor and deserving.

Our dedicated team and volunteers work passionately and selflessly. We have very minimal ;administrative cost’ that means almost all the donations we receive or revenue we generate though our resources goes whole and direct to changing the lives of hundreds of poor and deserving people.

Our accountability system for usage of funds is leak- and fool-proof. We shall endeavor and ensure the best use of each penny and rupee, only for the sake and in interest of poor and deserving people.

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