In Memory of a Loved One

In Memory of a Loved One:

The brutal truth of our existence is that one day each one of us has to depart for good. Everyone does good and bad while dealing with the challenges of life. Once they are gone, nothing can bring them back. They cease to act, however, a gift or a noble work from his or her dear ones can add to the rewards the deceased person receives. There could not be any better way to remember your dear ones to give ‘SADQA-E-JARIA’ in their memory. This is perhaps the best way to keep them in our prayers and thoughts.

Abr-e-Karam has made arrangements to accept such gifts, in cash or kind. The gift or donation would openly be acknowledged in public and written on the gift or donation. Such as if one donates an ambulance to Abr-e-Karam, it would be clearly painted on the ambulance or when one sponsor to build a classroom in any of our schools, it would clearly be written on the classroom. Please discuss with any member of our dedicated team the various options for making a gift in memory of a loved one. +Read more

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