What is the meaning of ABR-E-KARAM?

The word ABR in Urdu and Persian means CLOUD. The KARAM in Urdu and Arabic means SPECIAL MERCY. Thus the meaning of ABR-E-KARAM is a Cloud that is full of SPECIAL MERCY. The clouds and rainfalls are particularly important for the crops in villages and rural areas. The poor peasants mostly rely on timely rainfalls just enough to water their crops throughout the year. Any excessive rainfall can ruin their crops. Therefore, clouds and rainfalls need to come with special mercy (or Karam). This is very poetic name as well. It also refers to one of the major characteristics of Prophet Muhammad and his progeny (SAWAW).

Is ABR-E-KARAM registered in Pakistan?

Yes, it was duly registered in year 2017 as a Public Charitable Trust under the Pakistan Trust Act, 1882.
Registered at Sub Registrar, Bahawalpur, No. 7147, available in book No. 1, volume No. 1724. In order to obtain donations, we are in process of registering this Trust in other countries as well.

Who is operating the Trust?

There is one Board of Trustees who is responsible for the operation, management and functioning of the Trust. The Board includes (Marine Captain) Muhammad Suleman Mahtab, Mrs. Syeda Shahnila Raza, Mrs. Syeda Naseem Zahra, Syed Ameer Haider, Syed Hasan Suleman and Syed Shahahshah Hussain. All of them have great experience in social work and successfully managing large entities. Visit: “Our Didicated Team” for more information.

What are basic purposes of the ABR-E-KARAM?

The main objectives are to motivate ourselves and others around us, to light the first candle to eliminate poverty and ignorance: and improve health conditions. We are not aiming to transform the whole world  but we can certainly take the first step towards that transformation.

Our focus is to make underprivileged or unprivileged villagers independent by providing them opportunities to work and progress. We would discourage the trend of dependency and spoon-feeding by making people believe the power of their talents and skills.

Can people sponsor or support ABR-E-KARAM for its projects?

Yes. The projects of Abr-e-Karam are mainly financed by the lands and other properties our founder and president (Marine Captain) Muhammad Suleman Mahtab has donated to the Trust. However, owing to the large expenses of several projects, such as Free Ambulance Service, Schools and Hospitals; we are open to any donations and sponsorship. ABR-E-KARAM is a non-profit and General Public Charitable Education & Welfare Trust; and needs many donors who can regularly contribute for different projects for the benefit of poor people/villagers.

Which are main projects of ABR-E-KARAM?

  • 24-Hours FREE Ambulance Service (for villages)

  • Syeda Sabeel Fatima Model Public School – FREE

  • School Supplies – FREE

  • Syeda Ummul Hasnain Memorial Hospital – Under Planning

  • Free or Low-cost food and medicine supplies

  • Free Water Pumps (for clean water supply)

  • Providing need-based help

  • Vocational Training Center – Under Planning

What is the location of the School?

The ABR-E-KARAM’s “Sabeel Fatima Model Public School” is located in the remote village of Kotla Rehmat Shah, Uch Sharif, Tehsil Ahmedpur East, District Bahawalpur, Pakistan. There is no other proper school available in this remote area for over one thousand potential children and young students. We plan to increase number of schools in future.

What is the purpose of running a free school?

Here, many people cannot afford to send their children, particularly female children, to school that are far away from their homes. Many children have died in accidents while commuting to or from schools. The sole purpose of running a free school in the village is to scourge and support those people in need who can’t afford the school fees, stationery, uniforms and other basic educational expenditures for their children. This model school aims for high results right at the door steps of the children and it cut down on the commute time as well.

What facilities you provide to the students?

We provide all basic facilities including:

  • Free books, copies and bags (once a year)

  • Uniforms

  • Snacks or light meals

  • Computer lab

  • Library

  • Multimedia

  • Toys and Playground

What are the financial needs for various projects and programs of ABR-E-KARAM?

The capital cost for school and ambulances is estimated to be about Rupees 50 Lacs (USD 49,000) and operational cost about Rupees 25 Lacs (USD 24,000). We are seeking generous sponsorship and donations from all over to meet the major expenses.

How can we contact ABR-E-KARAM?

Visit our website: www.abrekaram-welfaretrust.org

Email us at: [email protected] or [email protected]

Call at: 0300 – 6852559 (Pakistan) or +1 604 900 1280 (North America)

Join our Facebook page: facebook.com/Abrekaramtrust

WhatsApp: +92 334-0425612

Twitter: @abrekaram_trust

Emergency Ambulance Service is available 24/7. Call: 0346 8552559

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