Donate in Cash, Kind or E-mail:

Abr-e-Karam has made arrangements to accept your generous donations in any useful form, in cash or in kind. When you sponsor in cash you may give instructions to our dedicated team as to how you want your cash donation be used i.e. for education, ambulance service, medical clinics or supplying clean water. You may make your donation in kind i.e. any useful items, such as schools supplies, sewing machines, patrol for ambulances or medicines for patients, that can be used to meet our objectives. Please discuss with any member of our dedicated team the various options for giving a gift or making a donation.

Please do not forget to obtain proper receipt against any donations. We are bound to keep record of every thing we receive and everything we spend. Please help us maintain our records. Thank you.

Donate via Email: [email protected]

Your donations count….

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